While there are plenty uses for rim locks, providing you with total security is not one of them. These types of locks have been around for centuries, they were one of the earliest styles of security. To know why these locks do not provide the best security, you require to first understanding how they work. A rim lock is attached to the inside of a door. On the outside of the door, a small rim with a keyhole is inserted. To open the door from the inside you turn the latch, to open the door from the exterior you utilise a key. The door locks mechanically by latching shut as you leave. It is a spring loaded lock, with the fastener on the inside holding open the lock when it is turned. The predicament is that it is just as easy for somebody with a credit card or a file to open it as well. Locksmith Austin Can suggest when and how to use a rim lock.

Rim locks should be utilised in conjunction with another type of lock, such as a deadbolt lock, to offer adequate security. That is why they are often referred to as supplementary locks.