Locksmiths are nowadays famous for developing and introducing a wide variety of locking systems within the market especially on the public platform. Some of the highly durable and most superior locks introduced by locksmiths are interchangeable core-based locking system, padlock series of locks, pin tumbler locks, deadbolt series of locks, lever handle locks, rim mortise locks, knob locks, and many others. All these locks are also called the manual locks. If you put your deep interest in the above-mentioned locks you must come to know that some locks are available as series and some are simply in the specific forum. Regarding padlocks, locksmiths consider it as the whole series because it is available in various kinds of size and formats some of which are combination padlocks, simple key-based padlocks, vertical configuration-based locks, and horizontal configuration-based locks. Locksmith North York prefers manual locks mainly for securing the residential sector the most.