Locksmiths not only assemble and install security equipment they also perform other important functions some of these are also lock picking, key removal practice, lock repairing, key replication, key copying, and automotive sector locksmith used different techniques to open the car door lock.

For the automotive sector, the technique used by locksmith austin is lock bumping or picking, open lock from inside with the use of long narrow metal wire, open pump wedge system, etc. All the above-mentioned techniques are usually used in the region of Austin. Among all these pump wedge systems is the only main priority of the locksmith as it needs less time and money to operate.

By using this technique locksmith puts the airbag in the gap between the door and the car body. The place is at the extreme left upward of the door. After placing a bag, the air is blown into it with the help of an air pump and after filling a tuck sound is produced show the door gets unlocked.