Nowadays locksmiths are not in the favour of using padlocks because according to both local and professional locksmith after analyzing the current situation of the world conclude that with padlock lock picking related problems are most common. Anyone can bypass such lock by doing simple practice for more than fifteen minutes a day. Performing such action without any supervision from an authentic locksmith can be considered illegal. For bypassing padlock two types of tools are mainly used first is the torsion wrench tool and the second is the master key system. Regarding the functionality of padlock, it mainly works on the spring-based mechanism and with this, it can be easily bypassed. Combination locks are most important because it doesn’t contain any keyhole and for criminal it is quite difficult to bypass it.

Locksmith Boston in earlier days prefer to use padlocks but now they try to replace them with deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks don’t contain any spring system so it can be difficult to be get bypassed.