Locksmiths are mainly known for dealing with two different types of locks first is the manual type lock and the second is the digital lock. A manual lock is also called as the old traditional locks with slight modifications. Locksmiths perform a lot of modifications especially on padlock and pin tumbler series of locks. A padlock is also considered as the best seller lock ever produced by locksmiths. There are four different types of padlocks currently available in the market and each of them is differentiated based on their internal designs. Regarding the outer frame, all are the same. Four different types of padlocks are combination series of padlocks, manual key-based padlocks, vertical and horizontal movement-based padlocks.

For every locksmith, it is easy to bypass such types of locks. Lock bypassing or locks picking is the special type of action applied mainly by the locksmiths. During an emergency, fast locksmith services are mainly hired for applying such the above-mentioned operation.