In this modern century, locksmith austin try hard to improvise themselves by introducing a new modern technology-based locking system. According to the professional locksmith,an electronic specification-based locking system is the future of all kinds of security. This is the reason that many locksmith companies pay most of their attention to train their locksmith experts for understanding the detailed working concept of smart locking systems. When it comes to smart locking systems, locksmiths categorise the three most common locks within it, under the name of biometric locking solution, personal identification number-based locking system, and the card swipe technology-based locking system. Within this twentieth-first century, locksmith professionals go for using biometric door locking concept for securing all kinds of properties lie within the commercial areas. It is superior and works perfectly without any error. It is also one of the most convenient locks which are responsible for removing the traditional trend of carrying mechanical keys within the pocket.