Advanced security locks are important. A regular latch can be easily picked with particularly designed tools or even a regular household drill. High protection latches and deadbolts, on the other hand, offer fortification because the cylinders are designed to make them drill defiant. Thieves are clever – if they see a high defense security device or other type of latch, they’ll know they shouldn’t waste their time and they’ll get going to the next home or office building. Locksmith Frisco can install innovative locks flawlessly.

However, even with a special latch, it’s imperative to keep track of your keys. Nearly one third of burglaries are committed without force. That is, somebody had a key to get in. Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep a list of anyone who has a key. Naturally, keys can be duplicated easily at any hardware store, so ensure to keep track of employees, cleaning staff, babysitters and anyone else you may offer with a key. If an employee quits, ensure to get the key back, but know that this may not be enough if it has been duplicated before it’s returned to you.